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Jefferson Hanna Law has been proud to offer their legal services to clients seeking compensation for personal injury claims for nearly 40 years. Our firm is dedicated to developing offensive strategies for victims of negligence and harm with the intent to create an environment where they can heal and make a path for the future.

We understand that when you experience a personal injury incident, the initial traumatic event does not constitute the end of the problems. In fact, in many cases, the initial event is only the beginning of a new set of circumstances our clients must navigate when going about their daily lives. This can take a toll both mentally, emotionally, and financially. We are committed to working with our clients in order to find them justice and ensure their future wellbeing.

How are Personal Injury Crimes Different From Personal Injury Claims?

A personal injury crime is different from a personal injury claim in that any crime that is committed during the events in which you sustained injury or harm is handled as a separate matter from your personal injury claim. This is because the law in the U.S. is divided into two separate sections that deal with criminal matters and civil matters.

In a civil matter, the law dictates rights and responsibilities in relation to disputes between individuals. In a criminal matter, laws are upheld by prosecutors who work for the state and seek to uphold the laws of the state by charging and penalizing individuals who commit criminal offenses.

This means that if you have been harmed or injured in the process of a criminal act that has occurred (such as assault and battery, or DUI), the perpetrator of those crimes may be charged with a criminal offense that will be handled outside of your personal injury claim. If this is the case and they are convicted, the court may order them to pay reparations to you that can cover medical expenses, treatment for psychological issues, or the value of a personal property that may have been damaged during the crime.

It is important to note that while reparations may be ordered in connection with the criminal lawsuit, it is common for those payments to exclude compensation that you may be entitled to. It is always your right to file a personal injury lawsuit, regardless of whether or not charges are brought against the party responsible for your injury. Additionally, the civil personal injury suit may accomplish financial repayment for losses having to do with your physical and emotional wellbeing and more.

If you are curious about your personal injury case and what may be the best course of action for you, don’t hesitate to contact an attorney to speak about the specifics of your situation.

Seek Your Deserved Compensation

Personal Injury Settlements

While it is not uncommon for personal injury lawsuits to go to trial, it is usually the case that they are able to be concluded through the plaintiff and defendant of the case reaching a settlement agreement. When seeking a settlement, or any form of financial compensation for injuries you have sustained, it is always advisable for you to speak to an injury accident lawyer.

Attorneys who practice in this field are experts on the strategies that can be used to negotiate better settlements for their clients and attain the most favorable outcomes for any situation.

Many settlements are paid by insurance companies that cover the defendant in a personal injury case. These companies are widely known to offer initial settlements that are vastly lower than what the plaintiff in a case is entitled to. It is important to understand this and avoid taking any initial offer from an insurance company. This is also an important aspect of why seeking the representation of a personal injury law firm is so crucial to the outcome of your claim.

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Our firm is ready to work with you on your case and take the steps necessary to negotiate a better settlement, represent you through any trial litigation, and win you the justice that you deserve. If you are seeking compensation for a personal injury matter, please don’t hesitate to contact Jefferson Hanna Law for a free consultation today.