Foreclosure Mediation Attorney in Middletown, Connecticut

For most people, their home is their single most important possession. The threat of losing it to foreclosure is an unsettling thought. Attorney Jefferson Hanna’s primary concern is to save your home.

Many people facing foreclosure don’t know who to turn to. They make dozens of phone calls to their lender, asking for help, often being switched from person to person. At worst they get the run-around. At best they get empty promises.

The foreclosure process in Connecticut is complicated. Trying to navigate the different legal options alone is never advisable. Attorney Jefferson Hanna has been helping Connecticut homeowners stop foreclosure and save their homes for over 30 years.

Foreclosure Mediation is a provision of the Connecticut foreclosure law that slows the foreclosure process and allows the homeowner to meet with a representative of the lender in Court to try to work out a possible solution to the foreclosure case. Attorney Jefferson Hanna is experienced in the mediation process and will explain to you how it works. He will appear with you in Court at the Mediation Sessions. In some cases, foreclosure mediation is helpful and can result in the foreclosure case being withdrawn. However, in other cases, a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy filing is needed to stop the foreclosure lawsuit and reinstate the mortgage. Attorney Jefferson Hanna will analyze your particular case and explain the option which will best help you.

Facing Foreclosure?

Foreclosure and Mortgage Modification Attorney in Connecticut

Foreclosure Modification is a law passed by the U.S. Congress at the request of the Obama Administration. It allows homeowners who qualify to have their mortgages modified to reduce monthly payments, lower interest rates, and in some cases extend payment terms. In order to qualify, you must live in the home. There are also minimum and maximum income requirements. Not all mortgages qualify for this program. It is best to have an attorney guide you through the process. Attorney Jefferson Hanna will review your unique situation to see if you qualify for a mortgage modification. If you do, he will help you gather, organize, prepare and submit the documents that your lender will need to do a mortgage modification.

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Can Save Your Home

While Mediation or Mortgage Modification helps some homeowners, Chapter 13 Bankruptcy is often the single best solution for homeowners trying to stop a foreclosure.

A Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Plan prepared by an experienced Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Attorney like Jefferson Hanna, can stop foreclosure, save your home, and deal with all your other debt, whether it is mortgage debt, tax debt, credit cards, medical bills, or other debt. Repayment plans are up to five years long.

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