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Foreclosure Defense in Connecticut

Your home is likely your most important possession. If so, the threat of losing it to foreclosure may seem unimaginable. However, the pursuit of a wrongful foreclosure on behalf of mortgage lenders is more common than many may realize. Additionally, the foreclosure process in Connecticut can be complicated. Foreclosure defense attorney Jefferson Hanna has made it his mission to help Connecticut homeowners stop foreclosure and save their homes since 1983.

The experienced legal team at Jefferson Hanna Law can help you explore foreclosure mediation and mortgage modification. In mediation, you would work out a possible solution to the foreclosure case with a representative of your lender in court. The negotiation is mediated by a third-party, judicial branch employee that’s been trained in mediation and foreclosure law. Before the mediation is even scheduled, however, there is much to be done. We will have 35 days to complete a package of documentation and forms containing financial details. The required paperwork for foreclosure mediation is comprehensive and sensitive. It must be very carefully and accurately completed. It is best to have a knowledgeable foreclosure lawyer do this for you as to not unnecessarily delay your process.

The amount of time from when you begin your mediation paperwork to the time the mediation period will end is typically around 7 months. In order to ensure efficiency and accuracy throughout this process, hiring a real estate foreclosure lawyer is essential.

A mortgage modification would allow you to reduce your monthly payments, lower your interest rates, or extend your payment terms. This may be the appropriate route for you. You might have recently separated from your spouse or had an unexpected reduction in your salary. Perhaps, you have unexpected medical bills or are experiencing illness. It’s even possible that your mortgage lending is simply acting unfairly. They could be hitting you with hidden fees or high-interest rates. In any of these scenarios and more, it is in your best interest to seek a mortgage modification that makes sense for your current situation.

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If neither mortgage modification nor mediation is the correct option for you, attorney Hanna can also help you file a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy to stop the foreclosure lawsuit and reinstate the mortgage.

The functions of a foreclosure defense attorney and their supporting staff are essential for the prevention of otherwise avoidable foreclosures. Our Middletown, CT law firm thereby protects community members so they may remain living peacefully at home.

Wrongful foreclosures may occur when a mortgage lender attempts to fraudulently pursue a foreclosure in pursuit of profits. It is also possible that a serious mistake was made during the process of managing your loan. There are many other possible defenses for fighting foreclosure.

What Can a Foreclosure Lawyer Do for You?

Jefferson Hanna Law’s attorney for fighting foreclosure has been successfully protecting people’s real estate for years. That’s why we know the legal landscape so well, and why you need us. Our skilled foreclosure defense attorney will provide you with options by empowering you with legal advice and information, as well as help with understanding all the pros and cons of each scenario. They will also be an invaluable resource in the process of either modification or mediation and if necessary, assist in filing you for Chapter 13 bankruptcy. A foreclosure lawyer will also know any relevant regulations to your case and exactly what strong defenses you should bring up in court.

We know you have worked incredibly hard for your home. Our firm values your right to continue to live with your family without having to uproot yourself due to a wrongful foreclosure pursuit. If you or an acquaintance is facing foreclosure and require an attorney to fight foreclosure near Middletown, CT, the team at Jefferson Hanna Law is here to enforce your rights. If you have received a notice that your financial institution is starting a foreclosure proceeding against you, call us today for a full consultation.

The best path to saving your home depends on your unique situation, which is why it’s critical to have an expert lawyer analyze your case and help you move forward. Bankruptcy and foreclosure attorney Jefferson Hanna will guide you through the mediation process to secure the best possible outcome.

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